IPVanish for iOS

IPVanish for iOS

7.5/10 (Expert Score)
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  • Good security features
  • Great speeds and variety of servers
  • Apps is easy to use
  • Some servers can be slow
  • Keeps some logs
  • No free trial

IPVanish VPN app for iOS is very simple and easy to use. It has a lot of advanced settings which makes this VPN even more useful. The basic functions are available right on the home screen so you can use them immediately without wasting time configuring the app. Here is a quick overview:


The auto connect button connects you to the fastest server based on your location, which means that if you choose the closest location to you, it will also connect you with a fast server only if it’s possible, otherwise it will connect you with an average speed server just in case that particular one is down because of some technical issue.


This option might come handy for users who don’t want any hassle while using apps since VPN connection might take several seconds sometimes especially when restarting network connection after an internet outage gets fixed or switching between mobile data networks if your phone supports this service.


The manual connect button scans the servers and shows their public IP address so we can see whether they are online or offline before connecting to them. This feature not only suggests us better servers but also saves us from connecting with ones that may be offline at the moment.


I personally prefer always connecting myself manually because I like controlling everything myself instead of being dependent on automatic actions. Still, I find these options interesting since they do bring some extra security against DNS leaks for example since IPVanish uses system-level configuration files called “plist files” instead of system-wide installation directory unlike most other apps.


The account button takes us directly to our personal account where we can see our payment history, current subscription status and other info like unread messages from the support team or purchase confirmations.


Since most people nowadays spend most of their time using social media websites such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Skype and very few people actually need full anonymity while browsing anonymous web pages (they would probably use Tor browser already). My advice would be to try out all three options during your free trial period rather than making up your mind beforehand.


Note that being connected randomly does not mean automatically switching between protocols too (I’m talking about UDP/TCP protocol here). Many users think randomly choosing protocols means switching between UDP/TCP protocol too but actually random selection process involves methods similar those used by Netflix when deciding which title should play next. Netflix selects titles randomly among suggested ones based on various rules set within an algorithm generated by big data analysis gathered through millions of user profiles, i.e. machine learning.


Anyway back to the topic. These 3 buttons give us 100% access over the desired option whether manual/automatic mode gets selected via the toggle switch in Settings menu. For example, choosing automatic mode does not mean getting disconnected after 5 minutes because both buttons appear right under each other on the home screen making no difference whatsoever. The only difference arises when going into the Settings menu where Manual/Automatic modes are shown individually along with toggle switches so users can easily distinguish what option they chose earlier before leaving home screen.


And lastly another unique thing about IPVanish’s iOS application are the options for customizing DNS settings. That’s right, once again unlike almost all other applications out there IPVanish gives its users ability for setting custom DNS values instead default values set via DHCP lease issued by WiFi router + ISP.

In fact, changing default DNS values manually seems like something novices should not even bother doing since those could cause serious problems especially if done incorrectly despite supporting amazing features such as: blocking ads across the entire device including mobile versions of Safari browser at high speeds without affecting overall performance and connectivity speed during actual usage.


Another good thing worth mentioning about IPVanish’s iOS application is its compatibility across almost every Apple device capable of running iOS 7+ operating system including iPhone 4S+ and iPad 2 or newer devices running latest version 9+ firmware upwards.


As far as security goes my tests showed perfect results under IPv6 along with OpenVPN protocol with AES 256-bit encryption standard. As far as I know this combination is more than enough to provide perfect anonymity while browsing web pages without being identified by any third parties.


However, note that I did not test IPv4 connection nor other encryption standards available under OpenVPN protocol (AES 128 bit & 3DES) because Apple doesn’t support such protocols anymore. So, if you still want to connect yourself via these options then you need to use manual TCP/IP configuration instead of automatic DNS discovery.


This isn’t particularly a bad thing since IPVanish offers us the ability for editing network settings manually on their website in case users don’t want any issues related to automatic DNS discovery over DHCP lease issued by WiFi router or ISP.


But even though it’s not that big of a deal overall considering how almost every VPN provider has overcome this problem, it’s always better for everyone if providers could somehow find a way to support all types of connections including those which are outdated.


Final Verdict


IPVanish is a great VPN service with great features such as: high speed servers and ability to connect manually while using apps along with automatic connection option which randomly connects us to different locations in order to avoid DNS leaks as well as protect our privacy on public Wi-Fi networks.

The free version includes almost everything a person might need from a VPN while paying users get even more advanced features included into their subscription such as: ability for connecting via OpenVPN over TCP/IP protocol using custom ports, the ability for setting custom DNS servers manually without relying on DHCP lease issued by WiFi router or ISP.

Overall I would recommend the IPVanish VPN app for anyone who wants peace of mind and high security for secure and anonymous browsing on Apple devices. IPVanish is an excellent VPN service that comes at a very affordable price. It has servers in most of the important countries around the world and offers high speeds on all of its servers. The app also provides strong encryption to protect against government surveillance and private spying.

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