PureVPN for Android

PureVPN for Android

8.4/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #5 in category Android VPN Apps
  • Connect up to 10 simultaneous devices
  • Over 6000 servers in 140 countries
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed with no throttling
  • Secure DNS service
  • Only 40 locations available in the US
  • Numerous reports of inconsistent speeds (this may improve with time)

PureVPN’s Android app is one of the best I have ever used. You will notice its speed and simplicity as soon as you launch it.

PureVPN also provides an extra layer of security with features such as Kill Switch and Tor over VPN along with ad blocking feature which blocks ads while browsing internet (which saves data). In addition to these basic features, there are other options like Split Tunneling which allows users to decide where some traffic goes through while some other traffic gets routed via ISP only when needed; Port Forwarding for faster connections; IPv6 leak protection; P2P support etc.


Kill Switch: Kills active connections if the VPN disconnects. This prevents your IP address from leaking to websites you visit, and it ensures that no data or activity is transmitted without encryption.

Allows users to select which traffic goes through their VPN service while other traffic bypasses the encrypted connection entirely – so users can stream video content online with maximum speed but still connect to local networks for email access, etc.

DNS Leak Protection: Prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and governments from intercepting web browsing by routing DNS queries through a secure server instead of letting them go directly to public name servers as normal when connected unprotected; this virtually eliminates any possibility of monitoring or surveillance on unencrypted services like Google Chat or Facebook Messenger).

Perfect Privacy offers weekly country-specific news updates detailing what applications work fully over a PPTP connection in each specific country around the world.


PureVPN’s Android app interface is based on the design seen in Windows clients, with a map of the world as its central focus. This gives you an idea of what to expect from PureVPN’s Android app – and it is quite reassuring. The application looks clean and well-organized, which makes it easy to use despite all the features that are offered.

The main screen shows your current connection status and allows you to connect to a particular server or set up a new one by clicking on Add Network under Settings. You can also block ads if you wish using this feature (and even block trackers). There is no option for auto-connecting though; instead, you need to manually select servers from the list.

The servers are sorted alphabetically, which makes it easier to find a particular server. You can quickly connect or disconnect from the VPN by tapping on its name. The app also shows you your current IP address and location while displaying the amount of data you have transferred over the past 10 days. A small arrow next to each showing allows you to view more information about that particular item (IP/location).

You can easily change protocol between UDP, TCP and even SSL-based OpenVPN protocols using a drop down menu near Connections under Settings. Here is where you will also find other useful options such as auto-connecting when turning on your phone’s Wi-Fi module for example; there are large number of features available in this area including port forwarding among others.

You may not need all these settings but they’re nice to have just in case and some people might appreciate them quite a bit, especially since PureVPN doesn’t offer many guides or help articles regarding these settings (at least right now).

Once connected, tapping on the option ‘Connect’ takes you to another screen showing all the data about your connection (except for what is encrypted). The IP address of this VPN server is also displayed here. This way, if anyone asks what your current location is then they’ll know that this information cannot be tracked down by anyone else but PureVPN.


  • Connect up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • Unlimited server switching/reconnecting
  • Over 6000 servers in 140 countries (no usage restrictions) + unlimited bandwidth and speed with no throttling!
  • Compatible with all major platforms and devices (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X) 


  • Only 40 locations available in the US
  • Numerous reports of inconsistent speeds (this may improve with time)

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a VPN service that has reliable performance, no leaks, good speeds and great security all around then PureVPN might be a suitable choice for you. Their server network isn’t the biggest but it is still huge at over 6000+ servers in 140 countries; besides this shouldn’t cause any performance issues as they aren’t overloaded either (at least not based on what I saw).

The company also offers some of the best encryption standards available today which include 256-bit AES encryption level via OpenVPN protocol along with support for 2,048 bit RSA keys and SHA256 authentication – among others options.

Add to that their kill switch feature (which worked flawlessly during my tests), no IP/DNS leaks found during testing coupled with shared IPs in most locations (this could help bypass restrictions) plus an impressive number of features included in the Windows client such as auto-connecting when searching for free WiFis or port forwarding among other things – makes PureVPN one of the most interesting services to have emerged from Asia recently.

Support is decent although limited compared to some other providers out there while connection speeds were good overall; however these weren’t always consistent across different servers nor did they reach maximum latency levels due to current regional limitations where many locations don’t have access to high speed connections yet.

On top of that, its own service was blocked by Netflix on several occasions but we are sure this will change soon enough once licensing agreements are reached between them and Netflix (some big names like ExpressVPN already managed this).

One thing worth mentioning again though is that your privacy comes first here thanks to military grade encryptions used within their apps so if you care about privacy and want an affordable solution then give them a try.

Overall, PureVPN is a worthwhile option for anyone looking for a reliable, easy to use and affordable VPN service. Their Windows client offers great encryption options with good speeds; this coupled with its no logs policy, kill switch feature and unlimited bandwidth make it quite attractive from the security standpoint alone. Add to that their easy to use Android app along with excellent server network makes them one of the best choices out there if you’re on a tight budget.

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