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It’s an indisputable fact that technology has taken over everything we do on our mobile phones and computers today. However, these devices aren’t safe, network-wise, as your personal details can be compromised easily. For this reason, a Virtual Private Networks (VPN) comes in handy when you look to create a secure connection to another network over the internet. Plus, Hackers or other unwanted third parties won’t be able to access your login details when operating through VPNs.

All in all, VPNs are a safe option to use! But the fact is choosing the best suitable VPN from hundreds available online is not a walk in the park.

Well, Pure is one of the oldest Available, and from research, it’s discovered that this VPN tool has been playing a vital role for users globally. Thus, on this page, we would see if Pure VPN lives up to its claims. So keep reading!



Pure VPN was founded in 2006 and is one of the oldest VPNs available in the market, with more than 6500 servers in over 140 countries and 180+ locations globally. With such a strong presence, this VPN also supports a good range of apps together with helpful extras such as IPV6, DNS leak protection, smart kill switch, split tunnelling, and lots more.

As for its compatibility, Pure VPN is supported on almost all platforms ranging from Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Android TV, and lots more. Plus, it can be connected with up to 10 devices, and it’s a decent option for folks looking to unblock vast varieties of foreign libraries on Netflix, Disney+, or other streaming platforms fast and conveniently without any complications.



VPNs are the middlemen between the user and the ISP, which at times results in slower speed. Hence, it wouldn’t be advisable to employ a VPN with a very slow speed for browsing, downloading stuff, or streaming videos, as it’ll perhaps lead you to a bad internet experience.

Fortunately, PureVPN doesn’t have this issue! Yes, The speed for PureVPN is well maintained and does not disrupt your online experience. Besides, an average speed of 300 Mbps is usually maintained by PureVPN servers on all the devices, so you can rest assured of top-notch speed when using a VPN like Pure.


Pure VPN claimed to have no data logging feature but it was exposed that they log data in a case that happened in 2016 in which they helped CBI identify a person based upon his data usage. Post that incident they stick to an entirely no data logging policy. This has been identified by a third party named Altius and they vouched for not finding any evidence of system configuration. Later Pure has also been audited by Big 4 and they also confirmed that no data logging is being followed meticulously.

Smooth streaming of Geo-blocked content

Today, many folks globally are looking for the best possible ways to stream foreign content on Netflix without being detected. And sadly, not all VPNs work effectively with OTT platforms like Netflix because of Netflix’s VPN detection system.

Luckily, Pure VPN can bypass Netflix’s filters, and it allows easy streaming of foreign content on Netflix from any location without being interrupted by the network. Besides, streaming is usually very fast without buffering, and you can access content in any part of the globe without hassles.



Pure VPN is perhaps one of the most affordable VPNs available in the market. The subscription prices range from $3.33 to $10.95 a month. If you go for a longer duration subscription, the price per month keeps reducing and you get the subscription at premium prices. A free seven-day trial subscription is also available at $0.99 to let you check the features first. If you like them, you can activate a bigger duration subscription. Payment can be done using credit cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, or other region-specific options. With all the features offered, Pure is a great value for money.


PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee. All you’ve got to do is take the subscription, start using it, explore the feature, and if you still don’t find the VPN to your liking, you can ask for money back within 31 days of your payment. Surely, the subscription amount will be returned to you within a few working days. You can also try a 7-day free trial before you avail of the 31-day money-back guarantee. It’s a win-win!


With the availability of torrent options, you can sit in one location and download anything from anywhere in the world fast and efficiently. All you’ve got to do is to connect to the PureVPN P2P server. By doing that, you can easily transfer and download foreign files without restrictions. However, PureVPN P2P servers are not supported in countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Hence, leading to a slow torrenting experience in these countries. Otherwise, the torrent option works well.



  • Full of various features like kill switch, torrenting, split tunneling, and so on
  • Offers amazing uninterrupted speeds
  • Does not log into your data as it is audited by independent third parties
  • Affordable pricing and various subscription plans to choose from



  • There have been complaints about customer support service especially tech support
  • The number of simultaneous connections seems low, based upon the number of devices you have at home



All the features and pros of PureVPN show that it is a fairly decent VPN to be used for daily usage and browsing. This is because it ensures that your privacy is maintained and nobody gets to know your data logging history or identity. Plus, pricing is very affordable, and with outstanding features like a Kill switch and strong encryption, this VPN is amongst the best of the VPNs to be used.

Although PureVPN lost a considerable market share in 2016 when they compromised with the no logging feature, there has been no complaint recorded, and third-party checks have shown that the VPN is 100% safe and trustworthy for use. Hence, if you are looking for a loyal and high-speed VPN service, Pure is very much recommended. Explore its features in a 7-day trial, and you will surely like it.

About PureVPN

PureVPN commenced commercial services in 2007 with VPN servers at 2 locations. In 2011 joined the mobile revolution, and launched their Android and iOS apps. The apps were an instant hit with users from all over the world. Today PureVPN has 6500+ servers, 140+ countries, 180+locations and over 3 million users.

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